Pros and Cons of Nursing Career

Pros and Cons of Nursing Career

A nursing career focuses on the quality of life by caring for patients and their families, communities, and society. This profession based on knowledge and training within the health care sector.

 This career is for the people who are good with the handling of patients, convincing personality, and ethical leadership in organization and maintenance, mutual collaboration with doctors. 

To pursue a nursing career, a person should be highly educated and meet the requirement of various diplomas, courses. Training needs so that he or she can fulfill the following duty in their professional life. This subsequent duty includes  

  • Primary checkup like blood pressure, fever, and observation of symptoms
  • Preparation of patient file to get a medical history of the patient
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions to administer treatment and medication.
  • Guidance of disease or other conditions to patients and families
  • Educate prescription to the patient or other diagnostic  requirements
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Choosing a profession as a nurse is very exciting, also a door with lots of opportunities, but just like any other career becoming a nurse is not that easy. There are some rewards and hurdles, so it is better to educated and prepare yourself before the selection of becoming a nurse. 

There are three most considered pros and cons of the nursing career.

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Pros: Diversity in specialization platform

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Becoming a nurse is not a profession where you stick with only specific or single specialization, and you work with that only platform until your whole professional life. Nursing career is very flexible; a person can go for their preferred duty interest like intense or emergency departments, cardiac, child care sector, nephrology, radiology, and private physician assistant.  

There are a lot of alternatives for attendants to investigate. These imply a lot of new difficulties and gaining potential as you seek after preferred specializations, for example, town or city hospital, travel nursing, and military bases. 

Con: Daily exposure to different disease and biohazard

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Being a nurse is also a warning for their health because they deal with hundreds of patients every day, without any concern that they can also infect themselves.  

Nurses deal with biohazardous or radioactive rays, blood, and other body fluids that can be dangerous in many ways like a prick from a used needle, splashes of body fluid from the patient’s nose or mouth, and many contagious pathogens can transfer during patient care.

Because of all these safety precautions, nurses should be highly qualified in their profession or specialization to easily maintain a hygienic and safe environment to themself and the staff

Pros: Variety in the daily task description 

Like any Other profession, a professionalist mostly knows his or her daily or monthly fixed duties. They are aware of what they will do next day or in upcoming days or months. 

Usually, a nurse is unaware of their daily task they don’t know about the next-day situation; one day, they may only look after only the walk-in patients. In contrast, the next day manages a crisis circumstance, emergencies, back to back surgeries, and the maintenance and administration of staff, patients, and their family members.

Con: 24/7 working hours

Depending on the situation, a nurse never relies on its working hours that can be changed in seconds, depending on workload or difficult situation. 

Usually, a nurse typically works in shifts either morning or evening; these working hours depend on the status of walk inpatient cases, absence of staff, or sometimes incident or pandemic situations of the city or town.

All of these problematic situations affect their mental and physical healths. It’s additionally worth referencing that medical caretakers with less activity position need to work a lot of evenings, ends of the week, and occasions.


Pros: Helping personality

There is no dought that a nursing career is the only profession where they are more concerned about other health and safety rather than themself. Whether a  nurse looks after and care a patient on the bedside or helping patient and families in their difficult time, a nurse always indulges its self for improving and saving lives.

 Being a nurse is a highly respectable career in society because they play their unique and significant role wisely in molding the wellbeing and health of the people, families, and networks they serve.

However, they adopt this helping personality in their daily life by giving discounts for medicines and treatment, wisely health-related tips to the patient, fighting for the patient’s rights, and comfortable environment to the patient and their families this brings much personal satisfaction to them.

Con: Pressure and Stress

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Every day is a new day in a nursing career, events they experience in their daily task can cause stress and pressure on their body and mind.  It is challenging for them to be seeing people in pain or dying; it is not easy to handle or forget this situation affects them most on their health.

However, a nurse gives its full mind and wealth for the sake of people’s life. Still, the patient did not appreciate them as they should; people get exhausted for their loved ones. They show their anger, frustration, and pain on nurses because of this; it is essential for a person that he or she should learn persistence and relational abilities before choosing this nursing career.

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Working hard is the only key to a successful profession. If a person wants to be competent and trained professionals, they must consider the pros and cons of every career, despite every job as its pros and cons, and a person should follow them before selecting their career.

Nursing is a profession where people should work hard in primary schooling, aware, and keep their life and personality flexible according to this profession, which is highly a respectable profession.

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