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Why Do I Get a Headache after Crying: Causes, Types & Quick Relief

When you shed tears from your eyes due to any emotional state, either happy, sad, pain, or any irritation or allergy in your eyes, it is called crying. Crying is the response that every human being shows at any stage of his or her life. Crying is a way of expressing your feelings. There are various forms of crying, like sobbing, weeping, and blubbering. There comes a time in life when you can control your emotion; either you are a man, woman, or baby, and start crying. As there are many advantages of crying but more intense crying for a more extended period can cause other effects.

  1. Headaches
  2. Runny nose
  3. Swelled eyes
  4. Puffy eyes and face

The effect about which we will talk about in this article is why you get a headache after crying. What is the reason behind a crying headache, either good or bad, and how to recover from it? Should you use natural remedies to cure it or use medicines. Keep reading the article to know more about why you are getting headaches after crying.

Types of Headaches While Crying

There is various type of headaches that can occur after crying for a longer time. These headaches can only arise after experiencing negative emotions, e.g., crying due to any loss, anger, pain, etc. Positive emotions like a victory in a game, getting good grades, getting a job, etc., do ’cause these headaches. The type of headaches are.

  1. Tension headaches
  2. Sinus headaches
  3. Migraine headachess
  4. Dehydration headache

1: Tension headaches

The most common type of headache that occurs after crying is a tension headache. In this headache, you will experience head pain behind your eyebrows including pain in the neck and shoulder. These headaches occur due to the tightening up of your head muscle. Shoulder and neck muscles will tighten up also which will cause discomfort in these parts too. 

Tension headaches don’t cause nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound like migraines. These can last for 30 min to 1 hour or a day and can be cured easily with some home remedies or by taking lighter medicines.

2: Sinus Headaches

In this headache, you will feel pressure around your eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, throat, and head. Eyes, nose, ear, and throat are connected internally, so when you cry, tears start draining into the ducts where it interacts with the mucus. When these two are mixed together, they cause pressure results in a sinus headache. Runny nose, cough, and sore throat are also caused due to this effect.

There can be specific other reasons for sinus headaches like allergies. People having sinus headaches due to allergies are often used to it. More mucus in the sinuses results in this headache. Sinus headaches can also cause disturbed sleep due to nose blockage and depression. If you have sinuses, then crying can cause these headaches. 

3: Migraine Headaches

After tension headaches, these are the second common headaches that occur after crying for a longer time. These headaches are differentiated from other types of headaches as the pain occurs on only one side of your head. The pain is quite intense. Nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound also happen during this headache. You can easily distinguish that it is a migraine headache. These headaches can also n occur due to stress. 

Migraines are widespread headaches nowadays; every third person has migraines due to mental stresses. A person will experience this headache only if he or she is prone to these headaches. These headaches can be cured by taking caffeine or a good sleep. If pain persists, you can take painkillers.

4: Dehydration Headaches

Crying releases fluids from your body as tears are a mixture of water, salt, and toxic hormones. More crying means more release of fluids; this can cause dehydration. You may have observed that whenever you cry, people near you offer a glass of water to you; this also helps to control your tears too. This water prevents dehydration. Loss of fluids causes brain shrinkage that results in a headache. This headache may get worse when you move, lay down, or walk. 

These headaches are not very common as these headaches can also occur if a person is sweating more or not having enough water every day.

Quick relief from headache after crying by using home remedies

There are many easy home remedies to cure headaches that are caused after crying. You can try any of them to get some relief.

Use of Ice Pack or Heat Pack

Find a heating bag either fill it with warm or cold water; whichever you like and prefer to place it on your head, shoulder, and neck, it will give you relief. If a heating bag is not available, use a warm cloth or a shopper filled with ice.

Get a Massage

Get a massage from someone; it is a very relaxing way to ease out your headache. If you are alone, do it by yourself or get a massager. Find a trigger point between your index finger and thumb squeeze in between; this will help you out.

Drink more Water

If you are suffering from dehydration, headache then drinking water is the best solution. It will give you relief in hours. Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain high water content, and your headache will go away easily.

Avoid Alcohol

It doesn’t cause a headache but try to avoid alcohol or alcoholic drinks while having a headache because it may get the verse.

Drink Caffeine

People having migraines usually take coffee to minimize their pain as coffee contains caffeine. Headaches are caused due to pressure; caffeine constricts blood vessels hence helps to reduce headaches. Don’tDon’t overdose; have a cup of coffee or tea, and you will feel much better.

Get a good sleep

Sleeping helps to reduce headaches. Also, if you are stressed and crying for a longer time sleeping will help you reduce stress. Take a good 1-2 hours hours’ sleep, and you will feel much better.

Essential Oils

The use of essential oil has become more common nowadays. These oils are used in the beauty industry. These essential oils can cure headaches too. Lavender and peppermint oil massage or just smelling these oils can help to ease out headaches.

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger tea relieves pain and helps to reduce headaches. Boil a cup of water, add slices of ginger to it, boil it for another 5 mins and, enjoy your ginger tea. Ginger tea also reduces vomiting and nausea helps in migraine pains.

Rest in a Dark Room

A dark room makes it easier for you to sleep. It gives you relief and lessens the headaches.

Stay away from Vibrant colors

Migraines worsened due to vibrant colors. Some people get headaches while shopping as these dark vibrant colors disturb them and cause headaches, so a dark room idea is much better for them.

Medicines for headache after crying

If your headache is worsened and you can try any of the above-mentioned home remedies, then move to medicines that will give you instant relief. 

  1. Take any pain reliever like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin.
  2. Triptans are used for people having migraines.
  3. Anti-nausea drugs help to reduce vomiting and nausea.
  4. Anti-depressants help to ease out tension and migraine headaches.
  5. Cardiovascular medicines for migraine headaches.
  6. Try to avoid medicines having caffeine in it. 
  7. Beclomethasone, budesonide, fluticasone, mometasone medicines for sinus headaches.

If, after taking medication, your headache doesn’t go away, try seeking a doctor’s help as maybe your headache is a sign of some other disease. Don’tDon’t overlook your symptoms. 

Final Words

Crying is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone. Crying is beneficial for health, but crying due to stress for a more extended time period can cause problems. One of these problems is a headache after crying. In this article, we talked about the reasons for having these headaches, why do they occur, how you can find relief from these headaches in natural methods or by taking medicines.

It’sIt’s better to use natural ways, especially if you get headaches usually. Taking medications is not suitable for your health. Pain killers make your body used to it, and after, that you can turn back. Try to cure your headache naturally; if pain persists, try reaching out to a doctor because a doctor knows best what is better for you, either you should take any medicine or not. Don’tDon’t overlook your symptoms as it can cause more health problems.

Try to make your lifestyle profitable by eating healthy and vegetables having more water content. Add those fruits and vegetables to your diet that are fibrous, have more protein, energy, and have more water content. Take a diet high in magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. Make a routine of exercise, yoga, and walking as these activities keep you healthy and fit. These activities help to relieve stress.

Less stress means happier you are, and less you will cry. Severe headaches can stop you from day-to-day work; try to take a good night’s sleep of a maximum of 8-9 hours; don’t compromise on your sleep. Last but not least, stay happy, and headaches will not come near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Migraine pain occurs on which side of the head?

It can occur at any side of the head, maybe right or left, and sometimes the back of the head.

Q. How does caffeine relieve headaches?

Ans. As caffeine releases stress and increases blood circulation, it eases out headaches.

Q. How to add magnesium to your diet?

Ans. Green vegetables have magnesium like spinach. It is also present in some cereals and porridges. 

Q. Why do vibrant colors worsen migraines?

Ans. Studies have shown that white, blue, and red lights make headaches worse, whereas green lights provide a soothing effect. Other reasons are still unknown why some people get headaches due to vibrant colors.

Q. Most common headache that occurs after crying and sobbing for longer is?

Ans. Tension headaches are the most common headaches that occur after crying.

Q. How can one distinguish between tension headaches and migraines?

Ans. Tension headaches result in pain in the head, neck, and shoulder. In contrast, migraine results in pain at one spot of the head, nausea, and vomiting. 

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