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Can I Use Skineal Cream for My Private Part? Everything Important For You

Skineal cream is formulated to address fungal and bacterial infections that affect your skin. A common question that arise among people is can I use skineal for my private part? Let us delve into this guide about skineal cream and clear all of our concerns.

What is Skineal Cream?

Skineal cream is used to treat skin problems. It treats your skin’s fungal and bacterial infections.

Ingredients of Skineal Cream:

Skineal cream is made up of:

  1. Clobetasol Propionate (0.25mg),
  2. Ketoconazole (10mg), and
  3. Neomycin Sulfate (5000IU).

When to Use Skineal Cream?

You can use skineal cream to deal with skin problems such as;

  • Tinea cruris,
  • Jock itch,
  • Vaginal thrush, etc.

Skineal cream treats your acne, blemishes, rashes, and skin discoloration.

Skineal Cream Benefits:

There are many benefits of skineal cream:

  • Skineal cream gives you relief from itching, redness, swelling, inflammation, etc.
  • It treats your skin’s fungal infections.
  • Skineal cream is also used to treat acne, blemishes, rashes, and discoloration of your skin.
  • Skineal cream is suitable for all skin types.
  • It helps to solve your all dermatological concerns.

Proper Application of Skineal Cream:

The proper way to use skineal cream is:

  1. Gently massage a small amount of skineal cream into the affected area.
  2. Absorb it fully by massaging.
  3. Avoid using it in excessive amounts.
  4. Don’t mix it with any other creams.

Safety Precautions While Using Skineal Cream:

You should practice some safety measures while using skineal cream.

  • First of all, perform a patch test on our skin. It is better to test it for any allergic reactions.
  • Avoid any sort of contact with your eyes, nose, and mucous membranes. In case of contact rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • Only use skineal cream on your doctor’s prescription.
  • Always read the product labels carefully before using the skineal cream.
  • Don’t use skineal cream on your open wounds, broken skin, or any infected areas without any medical supervision.
  • Always store skineal cream in a cold and direct place. Also, save it from direct sunlight.
  • Always keep it out of your children’s and pet’s reach.

Side Effects of Skineal Cream:

Now, let us talk about your most awaited concern, the side effects of skineal cream:

  1. If you use skineal cream on your delicate parts for a long time. Atrophy (skin thinning) may occur there.
  2. Some common side effects of using skineal are:
    • Itching,
    • Redness, and
    • Irritation.
  3. They resolve on their own after you discontinue the cream usage.
  4. Some people may face allergic reactions like rashes, swelling, or difficulty in breathing by using skineal cream. Consult your doctor ASAP in such severe cases.
  5. If you have been using skineal cream for a very long time. It may cause some hormonal imbalances.

So, if you are facing any severe side effects. Discontinue using skineal cream and consult your doctor ASAP.

Can I Use Skineal for My Private Part?

So, let us answer your question regarding, can I use skineal for my private part.

No, you can not use skineal on your private parts because:

Skineal cream is not made for the use on genitals. Your genital’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. By using skineal over there, it can cause adverse reactions. Skineal cream is not safe for your genitals. It can produce allergic reactions. You should use alternative solutions. Only the creams are designed specifically for your genitals.


Q1. What is the use of Skineal cream?

Skineal cream treats your skin’s fungal and bacterial infections.

Q2. Is Skineal cream antifungal?

Yes, Skineal cream is an antifungal cream. It can treat your skin’s fungal infections.

Q3. Is Skineal cream an antibiotic cream?

Yes, skineal is an antibiotic cream. It has Neomycin Sulfate, an antibiotic ingredient, and some antifungal agents as well.

Q4. What is Skineal made of?

Skineal cream is made up of;
Clobetasol Propionate,
Ketoconazole, and
Neomycin Sulfate.

Q5. Which cream is best for fungus infection treatments?

There are many creams available to treat fungus infections on your skin. One good option is skineal cream.


Skineal cream is designed to treat fungal and bacterial infections that affect your skin. Another popular concern of people is can I use skineal for my private part. No, you cannot use skineal cream on your private parts. Your genital area is very sensitive and delicate. Skineal cream is not designed for your genital’s use. So, it can cause allergies and adverse reactions to your genitals. So, be careful while using anything on your private parts!

Medical Disclaimer: we only provide information for educational purposes. Do not consider it a medical advice for you. In case of need, consult the healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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