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How To Make Green Tea Sweet? Easy Tips And Tricks

Much ado about green tea’s bitter taste 

Green tea originates from China, though it has become popular in many parts of East Asia. Japan and Indonesia, for example, are known as significant producers of green tea. Therefore, it is a standard drink in East Asian countries. However, there has been a rising global demand for green tea in recent years due to its perceived health benefits. 

However, many people avoid it because of its bitter taste. That should be expected because people have a natural inclination for sweet things. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis, a plant family species known as Theaceae, which is generally used to make tea. Given this source (natural “greens”), it is not something that will give the tongue a sweet sensation. 

In this article you will know the best way to how to sweeten green tea.

What does green tea taste like

Green tea is mainly taken as a beverage and has its unique taste. It is not hard to imagine its flavors for many people who have never drunk a green tea cup before. Usually, you would associate the word “green” to grass, and by extension, the possible taste of green tea to grass. Well, that is not far from the truth. 

Essentially, Green tea gives some grassy taste, which is not necessarily bitter but something close to it. Indeed, for many people, it isn’t enjoyable outright. Little wonder why people tend to look for ways to sweeten it. Is this necessary? Can green tea be made sweet naturally? 

Sweetened or not, green tea is always a good idea 

Make no mistake. Whether it is sweet or otherwise, the important thing is to add green tea to your daily routine. You probably are familiar with the main reason for that. Green tea offers a lot of benefits for your health.  

Some of the benefits include reducing weight, preventing dental decay, protecting against cardiovascular diseases, and improving the digestive system, to consider a few. From the lot, green tea’s perceived potential to help people achieve weight loss underscores why it has become popular in the West. 

Many scientists claim that there is no substantial evidence to prove that green tea can offer primary benefits. However, it is known to contain antioxidants, limiting the risk of certain cancers and heart diseases.   

But on the surface, green tea is useful as a beverage to get your mornings started. Owing to the caffeine content in the substance, it helps to improve mental alertness. If you are looking to get rid of coffee dependency, green tea is a more suitable alternative.

Taste is equally important

It is essential to focus on the goal of taking green tea as often as possible in a week. Nevertheless, every beverage ought to come with a great, tasty experience. Green tea should not be an exception!  

Although it contains catechins, which are the compounds responsible for its bitterness, green tea can be sweetened in many ways. But first, you need to have a good idea of how to make green tea without over-brewing it.   

How to make green tea 

Preparing a cup of steaming hot green tea is relatively easy. It may, however, be slightly different from how other regular teas are made. If you have never made one before, follow these steps and if you learn more briefly then click here.

Step 1: Take a cup of water and boil it

Step 2: Take one teaspoon of green tea and pour in a sieve

Step 3: Pour the hot water into the cup through the sieve 

Step 4: Ensure that the sieve’s base is immersed in the hot water

Step 5: Leave it for 3 minutes before taking the sieve away

Step 6: Take a sip to be sure that the taste is just as strong as you want it

Step 7: You may dip the strainer back in it for few more seconds if you need a more pungent taste

It is worthy to note that preparing a tea bag should follow the same steps with minor modifications. For instance, rather than use a strainer, drop the tea bag in hot water and leave it for 3 minutes before removing it.   

What to mix with green tea to taste better

There are quite a several things you can add to green tea. That, of course, depends on your tendency to be adventurous. The list is a long one, but here is some other stuff people mix with green tea. 

how to sweeten green tea ?

Generally, people love sweet things and would likely be tempted to add sugar to their green tea. As much as possible, some people would advise that you should not take green tea with sugar; the combo comes with its advantage. If you add a cube of sugar or a bit of sweetener to your green tea, it could enhance the body’s ability to absorb helpful compounds faster. 

1. Ginger 

It happens to be a healthy spice loaded with bio active compounds that are beneficial to the body. Adding ginger to your green tea presents the body with incredibly healthy refreshments.  

2. Honey

Everyone loves the taste of honey. Given that some people endeavor to avoid sugar and sweetener for health reasons, a natural sweetener is a good alternative. It helps to supply the body with antioxidants and deal with a sore throat, especially with children.     

3. Mint

You can add fresh herbs such as mint leaves to your cup of green tea. The combination is quite lovely, owing to the flavor of fresh mint leaves.   

4. Fruit Juice

It is not a common combination with green tea. But then, a lot of people do add orange or lemon juice to their green tea to give it a natural sweetness.  

Other tea

It sounds kind of weird, but adding herbal tea like matcha tea to green tea is not out of the ordinary. You will find this in countries that have scores of other tea leaves. If you feel adventurous, you can add your favorite tea to give your green tea a different taste. 
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How to sweeten green tea without sugar

Taking green tea with sugar is said to be less beneficial than without sugar or sweetener. But it is always about individual choices. If you are looking for ways to sweeten green tea without sugar, here are two options for your consideration. 

1. Add natural sweetener 

Natural sweeteners are always better alternatives to sugar. They are nutritive compared to regular sweeteners. Some common types include date sugar, sorghum syrup, honey, blackstrap molasses, agave nectar, stevia, brown rice syrup, and maple syrup. You might be needing more than a spoon of any of these natural sweeteners to get a familiar sweet taste, though. 

2. Add fruit juice

ItItItThis is still a hundred percent natural, and you will get a sweet, fruity taste. Fresh orange juice comes highly recommended. You can try apple or pineapple juice too. Using fruit juice as a sweetener for green tea, you are also gaining loads of Vitamin C. 

How to sweeten green tea without adding calories

Calories are enemies from which people learn to keep their bodies away, especially when they grow older. While natural sweeteners are much more desirable than sugar, it is a known fact that they contain calories. 

Therefore, the best way to sweeten green tea without worrying about calories is to add to its small fresh juice quantity. Apart from functioning as suitable alternatives to sugar or natural sweeteners, fresh fruits also help the body get many needed daily nutrients. 

Best Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of advantages over black tea and Oolong tea. IT explains why you will find a vast number of green tea brands on the market today. Some of the notable best types include Bigelow Green Tea, Traditional Medicals Organic Green Tea, Typhoo, Lipton Green Tea, Basilur, LaPlant Green tea, Organic India, Himalaya Green tea, 24 Mantra Organic, Twinings Green Tea

How to make Lipton Green Tea taste good

Lipton makes one of the best green tea products in the world. Just like other brands, it has a slightly bitter taste. IT is a turn off for people who avoid this tea as a consequence. There are a few ways you can make Lipton Green Taste good.

First, if you are a young chap, perhaps not yet in your middle age, you can make your Lipton Green Tea taste good by adding a little quantity of sugar. It is instructive, nonetheless, that you avoid regular sweeteners as much as you can.   

Secondly, you can use any natural sweeteners that do it for you. Honey is one of the most patronized among green tea lovers. That perhaps is because it contains several nutrients and antioxidants. Add honey to your green tea and get a charming taste.  

Finally, the idea of putting a moderate quantity of fruit juice will no doubt add a great taste to your green tea. You also get to benefit from its high Vitamin C content.    


To get the best of green tea, making it plain comes recommended. Experts say the antioxidants in the tea work better without the need for additional ingredients. You may use sugar if you are young or strongly disposed to it. But it would help if you avoided it. You are better at finding out how to sweeten green tea naturally. As suggested earlier, the ultimate replacement is fresh fruit juice. 

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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