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Whenever you hear the word ‘weight loss,’ your mind goes straight to changing your diet plan. Undoubtedly, you are what you eat. So maintaining a healthy diet is an essential element for good health and weight. 

But why not make a change? Instead of balancing carbs and proteins in your body, why not refine to regulating your hormones. 

Hormones are vital to the proper metabolism and functioning of your body. And carrying extra weight frequently has nothing to do with high calories or lack of exercise. For the majority of the people, the problem lies in their hormonal imbalance. Recent studies have shown that taking a diet that can balance your hormones can help you retain a good healthy weight. Moreover, in people with pressure more than that considered healthy, hormone-diet can be a splendid way to lose weight.

Before initiating a hormonal diet, observe for the common symptoms of hormonal imbalance like Acne, Hair loss, fatigue, joint pain, fertility issues, brittle hair and skin, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, and many more. 

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Let’s upgrade your weight loss meal chart with the most potent diet plan we brought up. 

Phases of Hormone Balancing Diet Plan

A hormone diet is typically a meal plan for about six weeks that consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1

Phase1 focuses on the detoxification process, in which you have to stay off from gluten, dairy items produced from cow milk, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, red meat, citrus fruits, peanuts, oils, and red meat. You should take a sufficient amount of vegetables, poultry, gluten-free grains, seeds and nuts, eggs, and dairy products from goats or sheep through this phase. Intake of dietary supplements, probiotics, and products with anti-inflammatory quality such as turmeric or fish oil is recommended in the detoxification phase. At the end of this phase, your body will be purified by eliminating the toxic components.

Phase 2

Through this phase, you can add back some of the foods you left during period 1, including non-organic meat and coffee, raisins, fructose corn syrup, dates, and peanuts. You can also take fish with high mercury content. Observe the effect of your body by adding back these certain foods in your diet. 

Moreover, in this phase, try to avoid certain man processed foods such as artificial sweeteners, refined grains, packaged and processed foods, and nitrate constituting foods like chocolates and peanut butter. 

Phase 3

No, the diet plan is complete without carrying out physical exercise. And this phase mainly aims at your physical, mental, and cardiovascular well-being. Exercise does miracles for your body. It influences everything from your physique to your mood. Exercise help lessen your stress and pressure hormones and in place boosts the happy hormones like dopamine, endorphins. Here are the best workout tips for daily exercise at home.

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Seven Day meal plan for keeping your hormones in control 

Set of products for healthy food.
Set of products for healthy food.

Moving further, here, I have given a weekly meal plan that will help you regulate your hormones.

Make your digestive system ready

After waking up instead of going for tea or coffee, take acid. Yes, you may find it a bit astonishing but, studies show that in most people over the age of 40 that experience indigestion, heartburn, or gas, they have low acid production in the stomach. Take apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in warm water, both rich in citric acid, helps in digestion and uptake of nutrients from the meal.

In addition to helping to digest and absorbing nutrients, stomach acid also disinfects your stomach by killing harmful pathogens in your stomach or food you ate. A cup of fresh warm lime water or apple cider vinegar can also boost your immune system.  


Healthy break fast
Healthy break fast

Breakfast is an essential part of your diet. To make sure you start your day with a nutrition-rich meal, you should have a PFF meal (protein fiber and fat).

  1. In breakfast, you can have a veg omelet with a whole grain piece of bread. 
  2. Or baked beans with less salt with a toast (of course wholegrain) with an avocado. 
  3. And if you are a lover of oats, then go for rolled oats and low fat or nonfat yogurt. Add on your favorite fruits and nuts.  

Have a green tea after breakfast

It’s better to have a cup of green tea than coffee or tea after breakfast. Green tea helps to boost digestion and metabolism. You can also review this article to know when to drink green
tea before or after meals.

But if you are a tea or coffee addict like me, then have a cup after your meal but not before that. 


Healthy Lunch Diet
Healthy Lunch Diet

Your lunch should contain healthy low calorie, vitamin-rich vegetables. Considering the requirement, I would suggest you have cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, mustard green, broccoli, kale, cabbage, etc.) rich in folic acid and fiber and essential vitamins like vitamin C, E, and K. 

  1. Have a salad containing chickpea, quinoa, and well-roasted vegetables (cruciferous). 
  2. If you are a tuna lover, have a piece of wholegrain bread with tuna and herbs in olive oil.
  3. Or make a sandwich stuffed with chicken or tuna, whatever you like, along with nonfat cheese, avocado, and salad. 


Healthy dinner diet
Healthy dinner diet

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Try to keep your dinner meal as light as you can. The quote, “Make dinner, your best friend, lunch, acquaintance and dinner your enemy,” perfectly co-relates.

The less you will eat at night, the peaceful you’ll sleep. A full stomach can make you uncomfortable in bed, as digestion cannot occur properly. 

A peaceful sound sleep is equally important in regulating your hormones as your diet. 

  1. Have a baked salmon
  2. Chickpea curry with brown rice
  3. Vegetarian Bolognese
  4. Korean bbq pizza


Hormones are complex substances that are responsible for almost every function of our body. If you can create a balance between your hormones, then you are already halfway done to lose your extra weight. 

This diet helps you in avoiding food that can have long-term effects. But before you go for a hormone balancing diet plan, I would recommend you to consult your medical attendant. 

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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