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How to Distract Yourself From Pain : 11 Possible Ways

Pain is an unpleasant feeling when any organ sends signals to the nervous system and tells you that something is wrong. Pain can be mild or strong depends upon the damage. Pain has five different types, i.e., acute pain, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, nociceptive pain, and radicular pain. Whatever the kind is, it’s not easy to bear the pain when it is occurring.

People take medicines called pain killers to reduce pain, but drugs have other side effects too; it’s better to find another way to reduce pain. The most challenging route is how to distract yourself from pain. However, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible; there are some ways through which you can distract yourself from pain. In this article, we have discussed these ways.

pain destraction

Distraction Techniques

When you are in pain, especially chronic pain that lasts longer, it is not easy to forget about it distracting yourself from pain is difficult as there can be many reasons for this pain ulcers, fracture, kidney stones, intestine infections, cervical, wound, injury, accident, cramps, etc. you can distract yourself from pain. Still, you will not feel completely fine just for some time until you recover from that thing that is causing pain. Down here, we are listing some of the ways you can follow to distract yourself from problems

1: Find a Distraction

Distraction means not giving attention. c and start to distract yourself either start watching your favorite show better to try comedy shows as in this way; you will find it easier to distract yourself, making you feel better.

2: Sing or listen a Song

It may sound weird and funny to sing a song when you are in pain, but it’s the easiest and useful trick that will make you forget about the pain. Sing your favorite song or do humming. Your brain will start focusing on lyrics, and you will quickly forget about the pain. If you don’t have a singing talent, don’t worry, try another way around and listen to music you like. this will help you in easing pain.

3: Become an Artist

If you have a talent for painting, drawing, or sketching, grab your stationery and start doing it. Painting and coloring is therapy; it helps people to come out of depression too. Suppose you are not good at it, no need to worry as you can learn it through watching online videos. Draw and paint whatever you like; in this way, you will start focusing on your drawing rather than the pain.

4: Start Walking

If you can walk, that means you don’t have any leg injury; try to stand up and walk. Take slow steps, but it will help you a lot in some pains walk also reduces the pain by providing more oxygen to your muscles, and you will feel better. Just keep in mind that don’t walk with a broken leg; otherwise, you will hurt yourself.

5: Talk to someone

Talking is an easy way to distract yourself from pain. If you don’t have anybody near you, grab your phone and call your friend. Talk your heart out; in this way, you will forget about the pain.

6: Playing Games

Playing games online on your phone or laptop is the best way to forget about the pain. Games keep you engage; you try to win every round, and achievement makes you forget about the pain.

7: Try Meditation

People who perform meditation daily are more relaxed and stress-free because you can control your thoughts and body in meditation. Make your habit of meditation, and this will help you to forget about the pain. It’s the best way to distract yourself from pain.

8: Eat your Favorite Sweet

When you are having your favorite sweet, your mind starts focusing on the taste of that food. According to the 2016 study, sweets have an analgesic effect. Eat your favorite ice cream, chocolate, or cake that you like and forget about the pain.

9: Read a Book

Many people are fond of reading books, novels, stories, and magazines. Some like to read online articles too. Reading is a great hobby; it keeps you engaged and helps to forget about the pain. Read whatever you want, science, fiction, thriller, or religious books.

10:  Think Positive

When you are in pain, your mind starts thinking about it that causes more pain. Start thinking about good times, your achievements, your loved ones, or any beautiful place you visited. Thoughts are the best way to keep your mind busy.

11:  Try to Sleep Well

When a person is in pain, it is not easier to fall asleep, but sleep is the only thing that makes you forget about everything. Doctors usually prescribe sleeping pills to patients, as sleep helps a body to recover fast. Either take medicine or try to sleep on your own, but this will help you ease your pain.


It’s challenging to distract yourself from pain, especially if the pain is due to extreme conditions like a fracture in your bone, muscle rupture, severe cut, or any other. It’s better to avoid medicines until you are in intense pain that you cannot bear so, the other way to distract yourself from pain is mentioned above.

These are some of the distractions that one can try to reduce his or her problem. Remember that a healthy mind makes a strong body so, make your mind strong make a routine of exercise, yoga, and meditation. Eat right and healthy, engage yourself in useful and exciting hobbies in this way; it will be easier for you to ease your pain.

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