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One Cup of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus: Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of continuously trying different remedies to destroy nail fungus? So, you must be aware that how complicated it is to treat? But, there are multiple remedies to destroy it, like one cup of it will destroy your nail fungus, etc., although there is no proof that makes these claims accurate? So, in this article, we will briefly discuss it.

Nail fungus is pretty hard to be treated, as mentioned earlier, and there is none of the tricks or remedies that will destroy it just in one cup because it takes time to heal. It is exceptionally flexible and fights with several treatments as well. That’s why it is difficult to destroy it.

What helps in killing it rapidly? How to get rid of toe fungus by trying home remedies:

You guys must be aware that severe toenail fungus can be treated by trying home remedies, as they are incredibly effective, But, as mentioned above, it can never be treated just in a day. Because it is not magic but a severe problem, it will surely consume a long time in the healing procedure.

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What are the preventions of nail fungus?

toenail nail fungus

Firstly, you need to maintain your hygiene correctly, as it significantly impacts the nails. So following are the tips to prevent nail fungus:

1: Clean and dry your nails properly

2: Always use synthetic products such as socks, etc

3: Try to use products that contain antifungal properties

4: If you are habitual of biting your nails, then please stop it; otherwise, it can become a massive problem for you

5: By wearing shoes while pools are surrounded

6: This is the most crucial tip always sterilize the products whatever you use, especially manicure and pedicure tool

7: Lower the density of nail paints, etc

8: Avoid making contact with the infected nails

9: Never share your socks and shoes with someone else

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Risk factors of nail fungus

There are more excellent chances of women getting fungal nail infections because of long nails, nail paints, acrylics, etc.

Following are some factors put up t nail fungal infections:

1: Blood flow would have been reduced or affected

2: Nails will grow slowly

3: Genetics

4: Excessive sweating

5: If you are inside a moist environment continuously, then it can become a factor for nail fungus

6: You need to ventilate it continuously, so avoid wearing socks and shoes all the time

7: Any infection or previous injury to the nail

8: Any disease like AIDS, especially diabetes, Immune system problems, etc.

Aging can be significant that can cause nail fungus, especially in older people, because of slow nail growth.

How is it diagnosed?

It is not easy to diagnose nail fungus, and physically, it is not possible because cornmeal can be produced because of multiple conditions. Fungus usually accounts in minimum cases, so testing it for accurate diagnosis would become mandatory.

These nail samples can be obtained by drilling into a nail or cutting it. Some insurance companies also require it before paying for antifungal medicines. Then the nail will be sent to respective labs for PCR, staining, etc. However, the time duration for receiving the reports of these tests is pretty long. Staining and culture take approximately five-six weeks, but PCR test reports tests would be available within a week, but it is extravagant; people don’t usually prefer it.

If the result is negative, such as severe discoloration, brittleness, etc., then it is suggested to get the test done once again to ensure the result.

Home remedies for destroying nail fungus:

It is usually preferred to try some home remedies like one cup of this to destroy the nail fungus. So, we have gathered some information about those remedies that are discussed below:

1: Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil for tonenail fungus treatment

It is the most rapidly effective remedy for treating toenail fungus because tea tree oil is antifungal and anti-bacterial. You can easily use it for treating multiple infections such as fungal acne and other skin problems. It rapidly destroys the fungus underlying your nail and can heal more smoothly than before.


Put a cotton ball and leave it over your nail for almost 30 minutes and do it several times a day; continuously remove the debris. Hopefully, you will get positive results sooner.

2: Apple cider vinegar:

It can easily be found in almost all households and is commonly known for nail fungus removal.


It is straightforward to use; you guys only need to soak your foot inside a mixture of half apple cider and half water. As mentioned earlier, ensure to dry your foot properly because the fungus increases in a wet environment. Another way to use this remedy is by making a paste of apple cider with some rice flour added to it and then applying it to the nail.

Lemon juice:

As you know, lemon is a citric product, and it is acidic so that it can be productive for nails. You can probably find the lemons anywhere, even at your home.


Take a lemon and squeeze out some juice from it. Apply it for almost half an hour. Use it once a day if your skin is sensitive; otherwise, you can even use it twice. Then wash it with warm water.


Yes, it is adequate to treat toenail fungus with home remedies by trying several methods. Instead of using anti fungal medicine, always try some natural home remedies. However, there are no research studies on home remedies, but they are adequate for everyone with more minor side effects. This article discussed that one cup of this would destroy your nail fungus, some home remedies, preventions, and treatments. Hope that you like this article. If you want more informative articles like this, then support us more.

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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