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The Side Effects of Tydineal Cream: 5 Tips to Prevent You

Tydineal is a very popular cream for treating the fungi infections of your skin such as some conditions like eczema, and ringworm. It is gaining popularity among people due tit’s relief properties. But on the other hand, it also has some potential side effects. So, today let us talk about the side effects of tydineal cream, its uses, components, and safety precautions. Let’s delve in to know more!

Tydineal Cream Components:

Tydineal cream is mainly composed of three components namely:

  1. Ketoconazole (10mg)
  2. Neomycin Sulfate (5000IU)
  3. Clobetasol Propionate (0.25mg)

All these three components work together to save you from many bad skin diseases. They also provide you relief from your inflammation, itching, and redness of your skin problems. It kills the fungi in your skin and stops it from spreading more.

Why Use Tydineal Cream?

Tydineal cream is used for treating skin problems. So, you can use it after recommendation only if you are facing any skin problems like;

  • Black spots,
  • Bra rashes,
  • Eczema,
  • Itchy skin,
  • Ringworm (lapalapa), etc.

Side Effects of Tydineal Cream

As you know so far that tydineal cream offers you various benefits but it has side effects as well. Let us discuss its adverse effects in detail:

  • One of the bad effects of tydineal is burning or irritation after applying the cream to the affected area of your skin. So, this is one of the adverse effects of tydineal cream. In this case, consult your doctor and stop using the cream.
  • If you are feeling dryness in your skin like flakiness, roughness, or tightness it is also due to tydineal cream. It is also one of the side effects of tydineal cream. So, keep yourself hydrated to avoid dry skin.
  • If you have been using tydineal cream for a long time, it may cause the loss of hair from that area. It can occur due to the side effects of the ingredients present in tydineal cream. So, we advise you to discontinue the cream and consult your doctor.
  • A very common side effect of using tydineal cream is itching. So, avoid scratching the affected area. Otherwise, it can cause skin damage.
  • In some cases, you may experience redness and swelling in the affected areas. So, be careful with these and they subside gradually after you discontinue the cream.
  • Another side effect is the oozing or stinging sensation on the applied areas. It means the fluid discharge with a stinging or burning feeling. They indicate the adverse side effects of tydineal cream. So, report it to your doctor ASAP.
  • So, while using the tydineal cream, you should also be aware of its side effects so that you know when to discontinue it and consult your doctor.

5 Tips to Prevent You from Tydineal Cream Side Effects:

Here are some tips to save you from any adverse effects of tydineal cream.

  1. Use it only on the affected areas. Avoid using or contacting with sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, nose, and genital areas unless directed otherwise.
  2. Only use on the doctor’s prescription. Also, read the labels carefully before using tydineal cream.
  3. Keep your skin properly hydrated while using tydineal cream to save you from dry skin.
  4. Consult your doctor ASAP whenever you feel any side effects.
  5. Apply daily two times or as prescribed by your doctor. Avoid excessive usage.


Q1. What does Tydineal do to the skin?

Tydineal cream is used for treating the fungal infections of your skin.

Q2. Are there any side effects of tydineal cream?

Yes, side effects of tydineal cream are irritation, itching, dryness, etc.

Q3. What are the disadvantages of skin creams?

The disadvantages of skin creams are:
The feeling of irritation,
Some allergic reactions, or
even other adverse effects.


If you are using tydineal cream to treat any of your skin diseases. We have told you about the side effects of tydineal cream that are itching, inflammation, dry skin, oozing, hair loss, etc. So, if you are experiencing any of them while using tydineal cream, take immediate timely actions and consult your doctor for proper treatment. Always remember, only use it on your doctor’s prescription.

Medical Disclaimer: we only provide information for educational purposes. Do not consider it a medical advice for you. In case of need, consult the healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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