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Does Masturbation Cause Hormonal Imbalance: Clear Your Doubts

Masturbation is a natural and common form of sexual expression that has been surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions. One of the common questions is Does Masturbation cause hormonal imbalance? We aim to debunk all these myths and correct all misconceptions in this article.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the act of touching or rubbing one’s own genitals people do for sexual pleasure. It is a normal and healthy way of exploring the sexual responses of individuals. Masturbation has a lot of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Masturbation

  1. Let’s discover more about sexual activity and hormonal balance. Masturbation comes along with several benefits:
  2. Stress Reduction: Masturbation promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation which ultimately reduces stress by stimulating the release of endorphins.
  3. Improved Sleep Quality: The masturbation releases endorphins that contribute to better sleep.
  4. Pain Relief: For several conditions such as menstrual cramps, headaches, and other types of pains masturbation has proved to relieve pain.
  5. Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction: It is a safe way for individuals to explore and understand their desires. It leads to increased sexual satisfaction and confidence among individuals.
  6. Potential Immune Boost: Some studies suggest that sexual activities like masturbation may improve the immune function of individuals by increasing the production of antibodies.
  7. Prostate Health: Regular ejaculation may have potential benefits for individuals with penises. It reduces the risk of prostate issues by flushing out toxins.
  8. Mood Enhancement: Masturbation stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and oxytocin. These neurotransmitters improve the overall mood and mental well-being of a person.
  9. Pelvic Floor Health: It may contribute to pelvic floor health by strengthening muscles and improving bladder and bowel control among individuals.

Does Masturbation cause hormonal imbalance? Relationship between masturbation and hormones

NO! masturbation does not cause hormonal imbalance, there is no scientific evidence proving the myth that it causes hormonal imbalance. Masturbation does not significantly affect hormone levels, although there are some minimal changes in hormonal levels but these are not enough to cause hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

You all need to be aware of symptoms of hormonal imbalance, which include irregular periods, mood swings, weight fluctuations, fatigue, changes in libido, sleep disturbances, skin problems, and more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s high time to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis and guidance.

Excessive Masturbation Side Effects

Moderate masturbation is generally considered a normal part of human sexuality but excessive masturbation can lead to severe health side effects which include physical discomfort, fatigue, impact on relationships, loss of interest in other activities, difficulty achieving orgasm, guilty feelings, distraction from responsibilities, and potential psychological effects.

Myths About Masturbation

Let’s address some common myths about masturbation by providing accurate information:

  • Masturbation Causes Physical Harm: Masturbation does not cause any physical harm or health problems. It is a normal and safe sexual activity.
  • Mental Health Concerns: Masturbation does not lead to mental health problems if done in moderation. It can be a healthy way to explore one’s own body and sexuality.
  • Infertility: Masturbation and reproduction are two separate processes, it does not cause infertility.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Regular masturbation can help individuals become more in tune with their sexual responses and does not lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Decreased Sexual Desire: Masturbation increases sexual desire and provides a healthy outlet for sexual needs.
  • Singles Only: Masturbation is a normal part of sexual health for both single and partnered individuals.
  • Only for Men: Masturbation is not only for men, it is a natural and healthy aspect of human sexuality for people of all genders.
  • Physical Weakness: Moderate masturbation does not lead to any physical weakness; it is a way to relieve tension and stress.
  • STDs: Masturbation is a solitary sexual activity and does not transmit sexually transmitted infections.
  • Morally Wrong or Sinful: Perspectives on the morality of masturbation vary among people based on cultural, religious, and personal beliefs of the people.

Masturbation Addiction: Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD)

Masturbation addiction is clinically known as Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD). It involves an excessive and uncontrollable urge to engage in masturbation or sexual activities, significantly affecting one’s quality of life. It can be treated which includes therapy, support groups, medication, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes.

The Kinetics of Hormone Concentrations After Masturbation: Hormonal changes and masturbation

A pilot study was done to examine the kinetics of masturbation effects on hormone concentrations (total testosterone, free testosterone, and cortisol) after masturbation. The study has shown a significant difference in free testosterone concentrations. It suggests that masturbation and visual stimuli may counteract the circadian drop of free testosterone concentrations.


Q1. What happens if we masturbate every day?

Masturbating every day is normal and healthy for many individuals. It provides stress relief, improves mood, and provides a safe outlet for sexual needs

Q2. Does daily female masturbation cause weakness?

By doing daily moderate female masturbation does not cause weakness

Q3. Does female masturbation affect hormones?

Female masturbation does not affect hormones. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that female masturbation affects hormones negatively.

Q4. How do you get rid of masturbation pimples?

“Masturbation pimples” may be attributed to factors such as irritation or sweating. To reduce the risk of skin issues, maintain good hygiene, wear breathable clothing, and avoid excessive friction.


Masturbation is a natural and normal part of human sexuality that does not cause hormonal imbalance. It has many health benefits and is safe. If anyone has concerns about hormonal balance or excessive masturbation, consulting with healthcare professionals is crucial for personalized guidance and support.

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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