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What Do Gallstones Look Like in the Toilet: Appearance, Symptoms, and Treatment

Are you troubled about something in your stool? You might be thinking that it can be gallstones. Let me help you in clearing your doubts. What do gallstones look like in the toilet? Gallstones are small but problem causing formations in your gallbladder. it often disturbs you and raises questions when they are passed through the stool. Let us delve into the appearance of gallstones in the toilet, and their composition, associated symptoms, and available treatment options for you.

What are Gallstones?

Gallstones are solid particles that are formed within your gallbladder. The main reason behind gallstone formation is an imbalance in your bile components mainly cholesterol or bilirubin. Gallstones vary in size. It ranges from tiny grains to larger structures that can resemble pebbles or gravel.

Types of Gallstones:

Now, the types of gallstones. There are two main types of gallstones:

  1. Cholesterol Stones: It is the most prevalent type. They constitute approximately 80% of all gallstones. They have a high cholesterol level and typically exhibit a yellowish-green hue.
  2. Pigment Stones: The pigment stones are smaller and darker. It ranges from brown to black in color. They are composed of bilirubin. They are yellowish pigments derived from the breakdown of red blood cells.

So, be careful with the types of gallstones. This will help for better treatment.

What do Gallstones Look Like in the Toilet?

Now, it’s time to answer your main question what do gallstones look like in the toilet? Different types of gallstones have different appearances in the toilet. Let’s explore it further together:

Cholesterol Gallstones:

The cholesterol gallstones when passed through the stool may appear as small irregularly shaped stones with a waxy texture. They have a high cholesterol content. So, they float in the toilet water. It present a yellowish-green appearance.

Pigment Gallstones:

Pigment gallstones are primarily composed of bilirubin. They can range from brown to black in color. They appear as small pellets or irregularly shaped stones in the toilet. Also, they tend to sink in water.

Mixed Gallstones:

The mixed gallstones are a combination of cholesterol and pigment gallstones. They have a different appearance that depends on the ratio of cholesterol to bilirubin. So, they appear in different shades of yellowish-green and dark brown or black colors.

Symptoms and Diagnostic Considerations:

Now, as you are aware of what do gallstones look like in the toilet. Let us introduce you with the symptoms of gallstones. Some of its common symptoms are:

  • Intense abdominal pain (biliary colic)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)
  • Indigestion and bloating
  • Dark urine and clay-colored stools
  • Some of diagnostic tools such as ultrasound, CT scans, and blood tests also help in identifying gallstones and determining associated complications.

It is important for you to understand these symptoms and if you experience any of them, consult your doctor ASAP.

Treatment Options for Gallstones:

There are a number of treatment options available for you. You can get rid of these gallstones:


One treatment option is to use bile acid pills to dissolve cholesterol gallstones over time. This treatment option is effective for smaller stones. It may take several months to show results. Always stay consistent while taking your medications.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy:

This is a minimal and invasive surgical procedure. It is done to remove the gallbladder. It is often recommended for symptomatic gallstones or when other treatment options become ineffective for you.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP):

ERCP combines endoscopy and X-ray imaging to remove your gallstones. These gallstones have migrated to the bile ducts. It can be used when your stones cause blockages or complications beyond your gallbladder.

If you are suffering from gallstones, consult your doctor ASAP.


Q1. Do gallstones float or sink in the toilet?

It depends on the type of gallstones you have.
Cholesterol gallstones float in water.
Pigment gallstones tend to sink in the toilet.

Q2. What does passing a gallstone feel like?

Passing a gallstone feels like intense abdominal pain. It is often described as biliary colic. It is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Q3. What are the symptoms of gallstones in female stools?

The symptoms of gallstones in female stools are:
Abdominal pain,
Vomiting, and

Q4. Do you pass gallstones through your bowels?

Yes, you can pass gallstones through the bowels. They appear in the stool after being expelled from your gallbladder.

Q5. What color is your urine with gallbladder problems?

The color of your urine becomes dark with gallbladder problems. It is due to the presence of bilirubin, a pigment derived from the breakdown of red blood cells because of gallbladder problems.

Q6. What can dissolve gallbladder stones fast?

To dissolve gallbladder stones fast you can use bile acid pills. They help in dissolving your gallstones over time but the time varies depending on your stone size and composition.


If you are an individual who is experiencing gallstone symptoms and gallstone in your toilets. It is important for you to understand the treatment options and several symptoms associated with it. Keep in mind timely treatment can save you from many complications. So, if you suspect gallstones or experience any symptoms. Consult your doctor ASAP.

Medical Disclaimer: We only provide information for educational purposes. Do not consider it a medical advice for you. In case of need, consult the healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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