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How to Get Rid of Hollow Feeling in Stomach: Causes, Treatment, and Lifestyle Tips

Sometimes we have a hollow feeling in our stomach even after eating good. This hollow feeling can make you upset. Many of you often link it to hunger pangs. But it can be due to some underlying stomach issues. So, give attention to it. Let us delve in to know how to get rid of hollow feeling in stomach!

What is the Hollow Feeling in Your Stomach

Now, you will be thinking what exactly is that hollow feeling in your stomach? You often get confused with hunger. You feel this sensation beyond your mealtimes. So, be aware because it is potential stomach-related symptom. If you are feeling hunger after eating, a hollow feeling may linger, some other signaling underlying issues such as indigestion, gastritis, peptic ulcers, or even anxiety, than go to the a medical professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis of your stomach health issues.

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Causes of a Hollow Pit Stomach Feeling:

Now, let us introduce you to the various factors that can contribute to that hollow sensation in your stomach:

  • Symptoms such as bloating, burning, or aching are due to indigestion. It causes a hollow feeling in your stomach. It can be due to overeating, alcohol consumption, or certain medications.
  • Another reason can be gastritis. It is the inflammation in your stomach wall. It causes discomfort, nausea, and changes in your appetite.
  • Open pores in your stomach or duodenum cause intense abdominal pain, nausea, and even vomiting. They are the symptoms of peptic ulcers. Sometimes it can also give you a hollow feeling in your stomach.
  • Your mental health is important. It plays a great role in gastrointestinal symptoms. Anxiety often exacerbates your existing stomach conditions.  The “butterflies” in your stomach or this hollow sensation may intensify when you are taking a lot of stress, or having anxiety.

How to Get Rid of Hollow Feeling in Stomach: Treatment Options for You

Now, we have told you about the causes of the hollow feeling in your stomach. Let us talk about the treatment options for you:

Medical Intervention:

First of all, consult your doctor for proper treatment. It will depend on your causes and symptoms. The medications can be antacids, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), or antibiotics.

Lifestyle Modifications:

Some dietary and behavioral changes can impact your symptoms. Opt for smaller and more frequent meals. Avoid using irritant foods and beverages. Maintain proper hydration. All of this can help you in managing symptoms.

Surgical Intervention:

If you have a severe condition. All of the conservative measures have failed to provide you relief. So, surgical treatment can address your stomach issues.


Q1. What can be the causes of a hollow feeling in your stomach?

The hollow feelings in your stomach are due to:
gastritis, or

Q2. Why does my stomach feel empty even though I just ate?

Sometimes your stomach feels empty even just after eating. It is a sign of some stomach issues. Consult your healthcare professional ASAP for proper treatment.

Q3. How do you settle an empty stomach?

 If you want to settle an empty stomach:
Practice mindful eating,
Always stay hydrated, and
Opt for nutrient-rich foods.

Q4. How do I get rid of the gnawing feeling in my stomach?

The treatment of the gnawing feeling involves:
Dietary changes, and
Some lifestyle changes according to your symptoms.

Q5. What are the warning signs of gastritis?

The warning signs of gastritis are:
burning or gnawing stomach pain,
vomiting, and
changes in your appetite.

Q6. Why do I feel weird in my stomach?

Feeling weird in your stomach. It is due to some emotional states like anxiety.


How to get rid of hollow feeling in stomach. Let us help you in it. It can be due to indigestion, gastritis, peptic ulcers, and anxiety. Opt for proper treatment options. Always consult your doctor for proper treatment. Just remember your well is paramount.

Medical Disclaimer: We only provide information for educational purposes. Do not consider it a medical advice for you. In case of need, consult the healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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