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Calming Your Nerves: 5 Methods to Follow to Battle Against Anxiety

It is ingrained in our minds to protect us.  

Anxiety is and has been a prevalent problem in modern society. It occurs when your thoughts shift to the future and anticipates a threat. The psychological issue usually begins to manifest in our bodies when our mind enters a state of panic. People have unfortunately begun to see it as a routine aspect of our lives due to its widespread occurrence. 

But how does it affect you? 

Well, to begin with, anxiety impairs our normal functioning and limits our creative abilities. An individual struggling with persistent anxiety can observe how it affects every aspect of their life, including work, relationships, personal life, and health.  

Nevertheless, as per Moments Of Space, you’re not the only one, and you also have power.  

All you need to do is master self-discipline and practice specific helpful methods that can lower your anxiety levels quickly to regain your focus on accomplishing more productive tasks. 

1: Try Slow Breathing 

Practicing mindfulness through breathing techniques can quickly and efficiently soothe your mind. The concept is to center all your attention on your breathing.  

Breathe slowly and deeply, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Pay attention to the feelings of each breath and return to them whenever your thoughts stray.  

For additional organization, experiment with the 4–7–8 breathing approach. Take a four-second breath in, hold it for seven seconds, and then slowly exhale for eight seconds.  

Follow through this process four times consecutively. This easy technique can aid in decreasing stress and relaxing your mind. 

2: Soak Under the Sun for a While 

A study published in March 2022 in Psychiatry International found that consistent sun exposure can lead to improved mental health, such as – 

Boosting mood and decreasing stress,  

Anxiety, and  Depression.  

However, it could also be effective in situations where we need to relax our mind instantly.  

Anders says that for a lot of individuals, the sun has a soothing impact and makes them feel like their brain is being relaxed.  

Some of the reasons for this is due to being outside and receiving extra vitamin D.  

But research in Comprehensive Psychiatry from July 2021 indicates that sun exposure could also impact the release of serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates mood.  

Anders recommends letting the sun shine directly on your face for 5 minutes – simply raise your face up to gaze at the sun. Avoid looking directly at the sun, instead, close your eyes.  

Additionally, apply sunscreen to your face for skin protection. On overcast days, face towards the sun for beneficial effects. 

3: Use Cold Water on Your Face 

In movies or television shows, a character might resort to slapping another to help them calm down from their heightened state. (The audience naturally bursts into laughter.)  

You don’t need to request a friend for help, but you can attempt to alleviate your anxiety by using ice and cold water.  

Williams, a physician in the USA, states that his clients enjoy using cold temperatures to control their nervous system. As per Cleveland Clinic, cold triggers the stimulation of the vagus nerve, which manages your parasympathetic nervous system known as the “rest and digest” system.  

She suggests splashing water or using an ice roller on your face, neck, and chest, or immersing your face in ice water. 

4: Listen to an ASMR Audio 

ASMR, short for autonomous sensory meridian response, is a popular trend on social media platforms. In the videos, individuals could crumple paper, prepare food, tap, speak softly, or engage in various activities.  

Research published in February 2022 in PLOS ONE found that the sounds, sights, and tactile sensations can cause a pleasing tingling feeling on the viewer’s or listener’s scalp and neck.  

Not all individuals encounter ASMR, however, for those who do, these videos have been shown to decrease state anxiety, as indicated in the study mentioned earlier.  

Further investigation is required to establish the specific reasons behind this. ASMR can also assist in relaxing you to help you drift off to sleep in the evening. 

5: Keep Moving Your Body 

When you experience a surge of stress hormones and are in fight-or-flight mode, your body requires you to either fight or flee. And that involves physically moving your body.  

Dr. Williams explains that research on burnout shows the nervous system often requires movement to complete the fight-or-flight cycle activated by the sympathetic nervous system.  

Movement tells your body that you’ve finished the fight-or-flight response and can transition to rest-and-digest mode. Leap up and down, groove, jog, or do whatever feels right at the time. 

The Bottom Line 

Periods of intense stress usually pass quickly, but occasionally their impact lingers, or you might discover yourself transitioning from one period to another, requiring various methods to relax.  

How can you tell if you might require additional assistance with your mental health?  

Dr. Yip advises seeking extra help if anxiety is greatly affecting your performance at work, school, family, or social activities and preventing you from doing things you need or enjoy.  

She suggests the Find a Therapist Directory tool on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s website as a valuable resource. 

Emma Aaron

Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in medicine and currently pursuing a house job at a well reputed hospital in California, I decided to utilize my spare time in sharing knowledge with others through my blog. Apart from my time spent in the medical field, I love to read fiction novels and go on long drives.

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