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Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey: How He loss 140 pounds?

Billy Gardell is an American actor and a stand-up comedian. He has provided laughter for many years. Billy is quite popular for his heaviest weight in the industry. Nowadays, his transformation has become a viral topic. His fans and admirers are curious about the secret behind his weight loss journey. Now, will discuss Billy Gardell weight loss journey in depth, 

There are a lot of questions in people’s minds about his lost weight, such as:

  • How much weight did Billy Gardell lose?
  • Did Billy’s heavyweight affect his performance in shows?
  • What did Billy say about his overweight?
  • What is the actual reason behind his transformation?
  • How did Billy Gardell lose his weight? 
  • How much weight did Billy Gardell lose?

This article shows everything you need to know about Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey. It also has the answers to all the above questions. 

How much weight did Billy Gardell lose?

Billy Gardell Weight Loss

You will be surprised to know that Billy weighed probably 350 pounds previously. The actor’s weight gain led to bad habits he had been holding for a long time, including eating junk food, drinking and smoking. He has lost about 140 pounds, about 63.5 kilograms. His weight loss journey is incredible and motivates people with heavyweight goals.

 His weight-loss journey began 11 years ago. After learning that he had Type 2 diabetes, he made the decision to start working with a trainer on fitness objectives and a nutritionist to shed some pounds.

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Did Billy’s heavyweight affect his performance in shows?

Billy Gardell is known for his comedian role in several TV shows. He is also popular because of his massive body weight. He picked those roles which suited his appearance.

In an interview, he initially worried about how his weight could affect the show’s concept. But fortunately, he had the full support of Mike & Molly’s creator, Mark Roberts. Moreover, Mark said that the script would depend on its weight of Billy. 

More about: In the television program Mike & Molly, two obese individuals fall in love after a meeting. Billy Gardell influenced his decision to cast him in the role.

What did Billy say about his overweight?

Billy spoke openly about the struggles of his life due to being overweight. The actor was always fat since his childhood. He faced much criticism because of his massive body weight but took it positively.

Following the criticism, he said in an interview with East Valley Tribune, “Well, I grew up fat. People think I’ve never heard fat jokes before. I learned a long time ago about life that sometimes some people just are not going to like you. That is their thing. You’ve to move on; you’ve got to live your life. You’ve to enjoy it.” He seems quite confident with his statement.

Billy always openly talks about his struggles with being overweight. He openly admits that he grew fat. He learned that being fat is not his fault, and he has learned not to feel bad about his physical appearance. Whenever he was asked about his weight, he never hide anything from the public. 

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How did Billy Gardell gain weight?

The reason behind his weight gain was that he had been fat since childhood. But the things that affected his health were his bad habits, including unhealthy food, smoking and alcohol. He was later forced to give up these bad habits to lose weight and stay healthy.

When Gardell was asked about his early days, he said, “I feel like my whole life has been about quitting things.” 

His statement shows how much he has struggled with bad habits and addictions in the past.

What is the actual reason behind his transformation or Billy Gardell weight loss journey?

Billy Gardell’s struggle against overweigh started in 2011 when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was a wake-up call for him to care for his body and health. Most people think that Billy lost weight due to illness. Most of them think that he did weight loss surgery.

 But he lost his weight with the help of simple exercises and changes to his diet. He cut sodas, alcohol and junk foods from his diet. He started cooking healthy food so that he could maintain his healthy routine.  

After learning about his disease, he took the help of a therapist and a dietician to lose extra fat and and from this point; Billy Gardell weight loss journey had started. With lifestyle changes and with the help of his dietitian and a doctor, he finally lost 140 pounds.

How did Billy Gardell lose weight?

He took help from a team of experts along the way. The team included the author of the Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook, Franklin Baker; a famous fitness trainer, Doloit Queens; a certified life coach, Marilyn Bose and a certified diabetes educator, Lalia Mohjarani. 

The sitcom star began walking and jogging for half an hour every day. Exercising and dieting played a crucial role in Billy’s fitness. After many years of impressive weight loss experience, Billy finally lost his extra weight.

How much weight did Billy lose?

Billy Gardell Weight Loss

Billy’s current weight is 92 kilograms, which is about 202 pounds. Starting at 350 pounds, he has now lost 148 pounds, which is impressive and admirable. But it is not wrong to say that his pre-weight form was also helpful in some of his acting roles.


Billy’s Gardell journey teaches us how to manage and maintain our health. Billy Gardell’s life is a perfect example for those who want to lose their extra weight. It can be possible when you are ready to quit some habits and adopt new things. So, Billy Gardell weight loss journey is an motivational example for all the fatty people. 

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